I am starting a new  proto-freelance switching operation located on the Central Vermont Railroad mainline through town in the 1980's and  CV will drop and pick up all traffic involved. In the town of Bethel VT  there was and still is a small feedmill that receives cars named Green Mountain Feeds. A mile or so South is the factory of Vermont Casting a stove manufacturer that has a siding today but had a lot more rail traffic in the 1980's time frame my operation will operate in. There was also a Ethan-Allen factory located about 10 miles North in the town of Randolph VT. which has since closed. These are the main customers my switching operation will service, although the BTM operating limits are between Montpelier Junction and White River Junction. I have limited space to work in so this will mostly be a photo base for my custom painting and will have Bethel Terminal equipment created and for sale. I also hope to interchange with some of the well know model railroads that are operating. Below is a picture I found showing the yard in Bethel Vermont many years ago that I will be basing my Terminal yard on and the feedmill can be seen in the center of the picture.